Nutrition & Wine Sales go hand in hand

Posted on: August 22nd, 2014

IT Chef

Olivia, an Owner Operator of an inner city Restaurant, contacted IT Chef about the fast growing trend for Nutrition. She said that her Chef’s had noticed that customer’s are leaning towards more health conscious choices. She said “gone are the days when customers just sat down, ordered and ate, now, not only do they take photo’s of their food and post it on social media but are demanding to know exactly what is in the food they are consuming”.

She said she had tried several different ways to display the nutrition but found them confusing and time consuming. She was now after a simple and straightforward solution for nutrition, one that would involve both technology and the consumer.

We all know that with todays technology consumers expect instant results, so that got us thinking how can we merge these things together, how can we take the love of using the smart phone and have restaurant goers make informed nutritional decisions at the table.

Our solution for Olivia was to use FileMaker 13 Web direct and tweak the recipe cards in IT Chef to generate a QR scan, this allows her customers to scan the QR code from the menu with their smart phone enabling them to view a photo of the plated dish, the IT Chef recipe nutrition panel as well as other information including the origin of the produce, any allergens and choose a wine chosen by the restaurants wine sommelier.

Olivia said  “Customers have taken to the QR scan on the menu like fish to water, the wine sommelier is absolutely brilliant , not only has it increased wine sales, up selling at its best but has given the customer the power to make informed nutritional choices.”

IT Chef can create a custom web page to suit your business, depending on your country of origin you can select from the NPC Database or USDA nutrient Database.


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