Implement cost control & maintain consistent profit

Posted on: November 4th, 2012

IT Chef Restaurant Management Software

Many people fail to take into account the true cost of production when writing recipes & menu’s & within no time (particularly tax time) come to realise that their profit margin is not quite what they had anticipated nor expected. Without the knowledge gained through accurate recipe costing, you allow yourself to play the “guessing game” and never really know your true food cost including labour, wastage and so on.

Without putting proper & accurate costing systems in place to calculate all your production costs you might just find yourself “working hard for nothing”. It is fair to say that initial recipe costing can be time consuming and tedious, however, when compared to the potential dollars lost through allowing undetected food & production costs to creep in, it’ s time & money well spent.

Successful Restauranteurs will agree that by implementing cost control systems they are able to maintain consistent profit through creating standard recipe cards, limiting wastage, portion controlling, implementing ordering systems, tracking inventory and thorough menu engineering.

IT Chef Hospitality Software is designed to enable all types of commercial kitchen’s to reach optimum profitability and efficiency.

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