Stay in the know while on the go …..

Posted on: November 5th, 2012

IT Chef Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant Owners and Chef’s look forward to having the day off but often find it difficult to let go, knowing how quickly it can all go wrong. Worry no more, take control of your kitchen, even when you are out and about, with an IT Chef Solution.

IT Chef Solutions run on PC, MAC and IOS devises (iPad, iPod touch, iPhone) giving you the freedom to view and change your data from any location with internet capability.

With an IT Chef Solution you can remotely check what’s been ordered, see what stock was used for any given service, place orders, view and change rosters and keep a close eye on food costs.

An IT Chef Solution allows you to put a system in place throughout multiple locations, reduce paperwork and collate all your information into one easy to use secure system.




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