Record accurately, archive correctly, HACCP

Posted on: July 10th, 2013

Today’s litigious world requires that food business comply with food safety procedures, which really is a win win for everyone, not only do business owners know that their staff are capable of immediately identifying and managing hazards but customers are also assured of a pleasurable dinning experience with no bad after effects. Nowadays, most business’s, both nationally and internationally have adopted some sort of food safety program or have implemented a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) System, which is a system that gives staff the power to clearly identify hazards and enables them to establish controls that will eliminate, prevent or reduce hazards to an acceptable level.

In a recent conversation with one of Australia’s leading HACCP consultants, she said “When asked, potential clients understood the principles of HACCP but they all seamed to feel it involved way too much paperwork, which in itself is a logistical nightmare, not only is their office space never big enough but having to pay years of extra storage just to archive HACCP documents, is a cost most business owners can do without”.

She went on to say “In order for food business owners and their staff to be able to immediately identify and manage hazards, food safety programs need be quick to implement, easy to use so that staff are able to document accurate information whenever required”.

Whether you use desktop computers, iPad’s or even an iPhone business owners and staff can now digitally record daily Refrigeration, Production and Goods Received temperatures. IT Chef has developed a totally paperless HACCP record keeping system, never before has food safety HACCP record keeping been so easy, so accurate and so environmentally friendly.

IT Chef HACCP is a fully integrated system, for instance, once an order is ready to be received at the loading dock, the store person simply grabs an iPad, checks the order, digitally records the temperature of the goods being received and digitally signs for the order received. This is where the system is automatically ahead, as the goods received temperature and other necessary information will transfer across to the HACCP forms. Cleaning schedules, customer complaints, incident reports and all other forms associated with HACCP or food safety plan can easily be digitally archived and retrieved.

IT Chef software can digitally reproduce forms associated with HACCP or food safety, we can customise the software to suit your needs and can integrate data loggers in order to automate your system. With an IT Chef HACCP system not only will you be assured that your HAACP information is being recorded accurately, automatically, archived correctly and inexpensively but you can also know that with digital record keeping you are reducing your business expenses and carbon footprint, a win win for everyone.

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