IT Chef Software Features

A recipe for success ...

Recipe CostingView

  • Fully cost recipe cards
  • Accurate nutrition with the NPC / NSDA database
  • Calculate food cost %
  • Turn recipes into sub recipes ie. ingredients
  • Scale recipes to any portion size
  • Calculate production cost
  • Create detailed prep and production lists
  • Generate shopping lists
  • Print production labels

Ingredient ListView

  • Comprehensive inventory control
  • Compare current v previous buy price (showing % difference)
  • Pre-loaded NPC database
  • Ability to add custom nutritional values for ingredients
  • Calculate the current value of stock-on-hand
  • Metric or imperial measures
  • Add photo for each ingredient
  • Convert purchasing units to using units
  • Wastage factor for every ingredient

Ordering & ReceivingView

  • Create & email orders
  • Turn orders into invoices by exporting to your accounting software
  • iPad order reconciliation with signature capture
  • View all pending orders
  • Know the cost of goods before ordering
  • Upon receiving goods, update stock list and cost of ingredients
  • Order reconciliation, automatically adjusts stock levels
  • Print weekly / monthly supplier reports

Event Planning

  • Plan, store & organise upcoming events
  • Calculate total cost of each event
  • Calculate food cost and profit per head
  • Create a shopping list
  • View total cost of ingredients for any event
  • Print event orders


  • Store unlimited menus
  • Choose pre-set / customised menu formats
  • Print menus with or without pricing
  • Customize with header & footer – add company logo or watermark
  • Store & write menus based on menu engineering results

Nutrition Planning

  • Calculate nutritional breakdown
  • Set individual nutritional requirements
  • Total daily food consumption
  • Add any recipe to the daily plan
  • Compare totals to recommended daily intake
  • Add individual items From the NPC database
  • Archive nutritional planner

Nutrition Analysis

  • Calculate the nutritional value for any recipe
  • See full nutritional breakdown
  • Print recipe with nutrition panel & allergens
  • Print nutritional labels
  • Nutritional information derived from the NPC / NSDA database
  • Calculate nutrition in kilojoules, Kcal’s & calories

Xero, MYOB & QuickBooks Integration

  • Reduce data entry admin costs by up to 80%
  • Orders are placed in line by line, instead of just the total
  • Sales are placed in line by line
  • IT Chef integrates with your current chart of accounts

Advanced Sales Statistics / Reports

  • Easily track sold items
  • POS integration available
  • Calculate ingredient usage per service
  • View total stock on hand at any time
  • View the amount of ingredients required to perform each service
  • Calculate post service stock levels
  • Update stock levels according to sales data

Basic Sales Data Food Cost %

  • Analyse sales data and view percentage breakdown
  • Record number of covers per service
  • Record number of portions sold per service
  • Calculate food cost per service
  • Calculate total income per service & per day
  • Calculate profit and average spend per head
  • Summary of daily, weekly & monthly totals

Technical Support & Updates

  • Updates and upgrading license keys available for purchase
  • IT Chef updates available
  • Hosted Solution Only
    > 30 hours free technical support
    > Daily backups
    > Secure data centre with 99.9% up time
    > Custom solutions & modules available
    > Data entry service available

Detailed Employee’s List

  • Create a comprehensive staff list
  • Contact details
  • Record employees tax file number
  • Record emergency contact details
  • Record employee status
  • View rates
  • Add employee photo

Employee Scheduling

  • Create weekly staff rosters
  • Basic wage prediction
  • Estimate weekly wages
  • Print / email rosters
  • View summary of employee’s hours & wages

Creating Invoices

  • Create & send invoices / sales dockets from any menu item
  • Record payment information, date & method
  • Print / email invoices
  • Calculate tax for an invoice
  • Supports variable tax rates
  • Track invoices by date

4 Star Rating Menu Engineering

  • Write profitable menus
  • 4 star rating system
  • Star rating is determined by popularity & profitability
  • Engineering data can be determined from date range
  • Food cost & sales statistics
  • View most profitable & popular dishes based on sales data