Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions and Support

Q. Does IT Chef software come with a user manual?
A. Yes, IT Chef single user software has a printable PDF, IT Chef network solutions have step by step instructions built into each page.

Q. I have a question but I am not sure how to explain it?
A. To help resolve an issue IT Chef do free screen sharing with Team Viewer.

IT Chef also offers free email support.


Q. Does IT Chef remember nutrition analysis?
A. Yes, IT Chef remembers nutrition for each recipe.

Q. I have products that are not listed on the NPC Database, how do I do nutrition analysis?
A. You can save custom values in IT Chef.

Stickers and Labels

Q. Can I customise the layout?
A. The stickers and labels are hard coded, however, IT Chef can customise stickers and labels to suite any printer.

Q. Are the stickers and labels done using a template?
A. IT Chef automate the process of data entry for stickers and labels by drawing the data from the recipe cards, eliminating manual entry.

IT Chef stickers and labels are ready to print once the recipe card is completed.

Recipe Cards

Q. Can I save a recipe as an ingredient to use in another recipe?
A. Yes you can.

Q. Can I use any type of using units e.g. grams, ounces, bags?
A. Yes, you are able to use various types of measurements keeping in mind nutrition analysis is done in grams. There is a separate field to enter the number of grams for the chosen using unit.

Accounting & Networking

Q. I use Xero purchase orders, will orders placed in IT Chef go directly to purchase orders?
A. The initial set-up of IT Chef gives you a choice, when an order is placed in IT Chef the order will go in line by line to Bills or Purchase Orders, depending on the initial set-up.

Q. Does the network monthly fee include the accounting software fees?
A. IT Chef pushes data to the accounting software e.g. Xero, MYOB however the monthly fee needs to be paid directly to the provider.

Q. Are IT Chefs single user runtimes a one off fee?
A. Yes, The Apprentice, Executive Chef & Restaurant Manger have no on going fees.

Q. Does IT Chefs Food Services network have any ongoing fees?
A. Yes, an ongoing fee of $5 per day per device.