After an easy to use, result driven application?

IT Chef Hospitality Software offers easy to use, robust software solutions that run on Mac, Windows and iOS Devices. IT Chef takes the day to day running of your business, recipe costings, ordering, menu engineering, menu printing, nutrition analysis, nutritional labelling and many other complex calculations and turns them into an easy to read, result driven application.

IT Chef Network Solution integrates with Xero or MYOB Accounting.

IT Chef is used world wide by all areas of the Food Services Industry. Restaurants, Hotels, Food Manufacturing, Clubs, Pubs, Resorts, Schools / Universities, Aged Care Facilities, Mining Catering Managers.

After More Control whilst reducing your carbon footprint?

  • Inventory control with iPad signature – no more chasing signatures.
  • Instantly turn orders into Invoices.
  • Supplier reports show exactly what’s been ordered.
  • Menu Engineering, Recipes Costing and Nutrition Analysis.
  • Recipe Cards with Wastage and Wages.
  • Nutrition Analysis based on the NPC Database.
  • Nutrition Panels and Labels with 100 gram and serve size.
  • Food Safety based on HACCP principals.
  • Easily record Delivery details including Temperature Received.
  • Quickly record Production and Fridge Temperatures.
  • Regularly implement cleaning schedules.
  • Procurement Software.
  • Easy to read Reports and Graphs.

Looking to Reduce Costs?

With IT Chef Food Service Software you can make dramatic difference’s in the day to day running of your business. Increase your overall profit and reduce your food cost percentage. From the beginning of time, the fundamental idea behind IT Chef Software was to make and create software that Chefs, Hospitality people and Business owner’s could easily understand, use and afford.

Software Engineers and qualified Chefs have spent countless hours together creating, designing and evolving, thus creating, IT Chefs ultimate essential business and kitchen tool.